Begging for anything will not be tolerated. There’s a difference between asking for help and begging for it. This includes anything ranging from gold to carries.


Scamming anyone while in our community will not be tolerated.

Player vs Player

Player vs Player activity within our community is not moderated and actively encouraged. While we ask you to be respectful, we won’t ever step in to prevent Player vs Player activities. Getting camped? Call for backup!


Stealing anything will not be tolerated. This is fully inclusive and can/will be tracked with ease.


Naming policies are part of Blizzard’s ToS. That said, sometimes players slip through the cracks. While we won’t go out of our way to kick someone based on their in-game name, we will remove that player if their name is offensive enough that other players notice. It’s strongly encouraged to refresh yourself on Blizzard’s naming policy so there isn’t any confusion.


Nobody likes to read a cluttered chat! Please do not link your meters in guild chat. While you might be proud of your healing in that heroic dungeon, nobody else wants to see it. Along those same lines, nobody is interested in seeing your macro’d ASCII artwork in guild chat – so don’t post it.


Our guild chat is not your billboard to advertise your streams. If you would like to advertise your channel, please do so on our Discord.


Please do not post your Blizzard/Warcraft Community links in guild chat.




Our community contains members from all walks of life. Please be respectful when communicating with others. That said, profanity is permitted as long as it’s not directed towards any individual.


Any conversations consisting of Hate Speech, Racism, Sexism, Religious, Political, or Crude topics won’t be tolerated.


We understand that you all feel strongly about certain topics. What you should understand is that you’re playing video games. Our members enjoy games as a source of escape or relaxation, they do not play to hear your views on hot topics. While at times these conversations will occur, we will often times step in and limit them. If you’re told to move on from a topic, you’re expected to do so immediately. Continuing the conversation just to get the last word will not be tolerated. We’re not here to say who’s right and who’s right, we’re here to play games, so play them!


We have members from different countries, races, ages, genders, religions all enjoying games together. While you don’t have to get along with everyone, you will however show them some respect. At the end of the day we’re all online enjoying games together. Keep your negativity to yourself.


Our community would not be what it is today without the help from our dozens of dedicated staff members. You might not always agree with a decision one of our staff makes, you will abide by it. If you have a problem with how something has been handled, please use the contact page and let me hear about it. Under no circumstances will any disrespect be tolerated towards any of our staff members. If asked to drop something, you will, with no questions asked. There will be no warnings for this policy.




Our members have an expectation of privacy. There are locked and public channels available to our community. Please don’t expect that you’ll have access to all the channels by default. Along those same lines, if people are having a meeting, you probably shouldn’t just barge in there just to listen; it’s creepy and annoying.


Please try to remember that our members come from all over the World. While it might be 3 PM for you, it might be 3 AM for someone else. Start talking at a low volume and raise it if requested. Do not however, scream into your mic or play loud sounds to annoy others. There will be no warning for this policy.


Most of our roles can be tagged by anyone. You’re more than welcome to ping the roles if you’re searching for a healer for your M+ for example. That said, pinging a role just to say “I love you” for example won’t be tolerated. Please use roles responsibly!


There are numerous channels across our Discord servers. We expect you to use the correct one. Players in the M+ channels don’t want you to join them to talk about the lore. Please use the channel descriptions and try to make your best judgement on where to go.

“Push to Talk”

Some channels require the use of Push to Talk. While you might think everyone wants to hear your dog barking at the Pizza Hut delivery, that’s not usually the case. Please respect others by using Push to Talk when possible.


Just like our in-game naming policy states, we won’t actively look to remove someone based on their name. That said, if your name is crude enough to have others talking, we will ask you to change it.


Please do not post your Blizzard Community links on Discord. They will be deleted.