Currently Online provides numerous teams spanning all difficulties and schedules. These teams aren’t just an integral part of our community, but also a source of new experiences and great memories. Our members have specific expectations with our teams and our dedicated crew of staff members do everything in their power to make sure the teams are ran accordingly. Whether new to raiding, or an experienced mythic raid leader, you’ll find that running a team within Currently Online is as easy as it gets.

Running a guild, while rewarding as it may be, is a lot of work. Sometimes you’d just rather run a team and not have to deal with all the other work that comes with running a guild. With a community spanning over 10,000 in-game members, we have a massive active player base that will help lessen your team recruitment load, and incentivize your raiders to be social and active within the community. Are you at the end of a tier or expansion only to see your guild in shambles. Having issues with the roster boss? Team members burning out because there’s nothing to do? Join Currently Online and see why we continue to grow even in periods of content drought.

We try to take all the hassle out of running a team so that you can stick to doing the fun parts! Below are all the things we provide to all teams.

  • Free guild repairs for all members of your team.
    Repairs for your members are tiered based on progression.
  • Three bank tabs in the guild bank for your team.
    You can use these tabs for whatever you wish!
  • Visibility and access to over 10,000 in-game members.
    We’re constantly bringing in fresh talent and these players are normally looking for teams!
  • Comprehensive orientation and training program to help get you started.
    Even if you’ve never used Warcraft Logs, or other popular tools, we will help!
  • Easy to access/use documentation tools for managing your team needs.
    Our fully inclusive documentation system keeps everything organized so you’ll never feel lost!
  • Dedicated management standing by 24/7 for any issues that may arise.
    No matter the issue, we’re standing by!
  • Dedicated voice & text channels on our community Discord for your team.
    Use these channels as you wish!
  • Dedicated page on our site, which receives tens of thousands of unique visitors each month.
    Our site is viewed all over the World and we’re constantly making improvements to catch some new eyes!
  • Team recruitment posts across various social media outlets including, Facebook, Twitter, Discord and more!
    We’ll handle this so you don’t have to!



  • Run your team!
    Whether it’s raiding or competing in some rated battlegrounds, you’re still expected to run that!
  • Recruit for your team!
    While we provide visibility to tens of thousands of potential applicants, sometimes you need to put in some work to get that specific need of yours!
  • Update your needs!
    Keeping your needs updated helps us keep your team page accurate so you get the right applicants!


As mentioned above, our members have a certain expectations when joining and participating on any team. Team Leaders are held to a higher standard than our members. Your team will be expected to run, and pug if need be so that you aren’t wasting anybody’s time. Communication is key, so staying active and keeping us in the loop will help keep your team running successfully. Failure to run your team, even after steps have been made for improvement will result in your team potentially being dropped.