Mythic Plus – Seasonal Challenge
(Sponsored fully by Currently Online)

This recurring event will happen every season defined by Blizzard.

There are two ways to win!
Highest Keystone Completed
Highest Total Keystones Completed




The highest keystone completed in time wins this category. All dungeons, no matter the length of the instance towards this category. In the event of a tie, we will use time used in relation to the allotted time as the tie breaker. The team who completes their dungeon faster compared to the amount of time given, would be the winner.

The top keystone for each dungeon completed in time, will be combined to get your score. In the event of a tie, we will add up all the completion times for all dungeons completed. The team who took less time overall would be the winner.



HIGHEST KEYSTONE:  TÜcck, Tiárà, Senji, Seemyguns, Dreane, Skintanium
HIGHEST TOTAL KEYSTONES:  TÜcck, Tiárà, Senji, Seemyguns, Dreane, Skintanium


Highest Keystone Completed
First Place: 200,000 GOLD

Second Place: 100,000 GOLD
Third Place: 60,000 GOLD
Fourth Place: 40,000 GOLD
Fifth Place: 20,000 GOLD

Highest Total Keystones Completed:
First Place: 240,000 GOLD

Second Place: 160,000 GOLD
Third Place: 80,000 GOLD
Fourth Place: 60,000 GOLD
Fifth Place: 40,000 GOLD

GRAND TOTAL:  1,000,000 GOLD

Prizes are subject to change. Once a season starts – the prizes will be locked. Any changes will come before the next season.

Please read all rules carefully! There will be a single strike policy, and once you are disqualified, there will be no appeals!
By signing up, you hereby agree to every rule listed on this page as well as our community Rules. If you are banned from the guild, you will be immediately disqualified.

For your run to count, you must do a M+ dungeon with at least 4 players from your team present.
The fifth person does not matter and can be a pug or the 5th person from your team.
We have partnered with WoWProgress to track these scores.
Scores are tracked automatically on their website.
If your score does not show, it will not count, no exceptions.

1. Each Team is limited to a maximum of 5 players total.
Account sharing is strictly prohibited and will be reported to Blizzard immediately. 5 players = 5 different players.

2. Each player can only use 1 character per team.
You cannot swap your character once confirmed – that is your character for that team for the season. You are allowed to play any/all specs that your characters have access to though.

3. Players can ONLY be on a maximum of 2 teams for the challenge each season.
You cannot switch characters during the season. You cannot switch teams at any point during the season, once confirmed – that’s your team for that character.

4. Characters must not name change during the season.
If you are forced name changed or if you purchase a name change during the season, your character will be disqualified.

5. Each team must be fully registered and verified each season.
This includes all characters. Your team must re-register for each new season.

6. Each character must reside in a Currently.GG guild.
Characters are checked multiple times per day to verify they are still in guild.

7. There is no limits on class/race combinations.
Feel free to stack as many of one class/race as you’d like.

8. Scores will only count during the season timeline.
Seasons are defined by Blizzard and we will follow them accordingly.

9. Getting banned from Currently.GG disqualifies you from the challenge.
Please refer to our community to make sure you’re always on the right side! If your ban is successfully appealed, you will be reinstated to the challenge.

10. If a player from your team goes missing, gets banned, or stops playing – you still cannot swap in another player.
This is the reason there are 5 slots. You will never be able to bring in an additional person no matter the circumstances.

11. Each Character can only be on one single team at any given time.
This character cannot swap to another team and will be locked for the entire season.