Currently Online’s Mythic Plus Season Challenge

This recurring event will coincide with seasons in-game. When Blizzard decides to end the season, our event will end as well and we’ll begin a new one! So pay attention, play often, and push your team to the limit!

There are two ways to win!
– Highest Keystone Completed
– Highest Total Keystones Completed


Highest Keystone Completed
First Place: 250,000 GOLD

Second Place: 100,000 GOLD
Third Place: 50,000 GOLD

Highest Total Keystones Completed:
First Place: 375,000 GOLD

Second Place: 150,000 GOLD
Third Place: 75,000 GOLD
Prizes are subject to change. Notice will be given of changes and will not occur mid season!

Please read all rules carefully! There will be a single strike policy, and once you are disqualified, there will be no appeals! By signing up, you hereby agree to every rule listed on this page as well as our community Rules. If you are banned from the guild, you will be immediately disqualified.

1. Each team is limited to a maximum of 5 players.
Account sharing is strictly prohibited and will be reported immediately to Blizzard.
2. Each team is limited to a maximum of 5 characters.
You will not be permitted to use any alts, nor any other characters for any reason whatsoever.
3. Each team must be registered and approved before date listed on this page.
There will be zero extensions for any team failing to register in time. Teams must register each season to compete.
4. Each character must be in one of Currently Online’s guilds to participate.
If your character is found in a different guild, you will be disqualified.
5. There will be zero restrictions on any character classes or races.
Both Horde and Alliance are permitted to compete and you are free to stack whatever classes you want.

6. No substitutions/swaps for any characters or players will be permitted.
Choose your team wisely! You will not be permitted to change any players or characters during any season for any reason at all. There will be no exceptions to this. If you want to change your team, you can do so before next season.

If a player is banned from Currently Online, or World of Warcraft itself, they will be disqualified.
There will still be no substitutions allowed.

The highest keystone completed wins this category. If you complete a short dungeon with a +22 Keystone and another group completes a longer dungeon with a +21 Keystone, the shorter dungeon would win because it’s a higher keystone.

We will be using the highest keystone COMPLETED IN TIME.
We will not count keystones that are not completed in time.
In the event of a tie, we will use timer in relation to the allotted time as the tie breaker. If you complete your dungeon with 25% of the time to spare where the other team completes with only 10% of the time left, your team would win as you would have had more time left in relation to the original timer.

We will add up the highest key scores for each dungeon at the end of the season to get the final score per team.
There will be a maximum of one key score per dungeon.

For the Highest Total Keystones, we will be using scores taken from Raider.IO.
Raider.IO creates their scores based on completion time in relation to given time.

Registration for this event will begin during the start Battle for Azeroth.

This event is slated to begin during Battle for Azeroth.