Destiny 2 is an online-only MMFPS set in a mythic sci-fi world during Earth’s future. It features a multiplayer “shared-world” environment with elements of an RPG such as live events. Players assume the role of a Guardian, who are protectors of Earth’s last safe city. These protectors wield a power called “Light” to protect this city from various alien races.


On the west side of the Tower, you stride up to the Ramen bar placing your usual order of delicious steaming Ramen. You’ve just returned from your latest raid on the Leviathan Cabal ship orbiting Nessus. A sneaky looking Hunter slides up next to you and orders another round before turning to you – you notice a gleam in her eye.

“Hey there, stranger… I’ve seen you runnin’ ’round here a lot, teaming up with random pugs… maybe you should consider joining me… and my clan.” she saids before winking at you and grabbing her chopsticks.
“Hmm… I’m not sure…” you mull it over, “I haven’t really met a clan I find… interesting…”
“Oh, we’re interesting, alright” she says with a laugh, “Also painfully punny.”
You pause. “You mean… funny right?”
Slurping the rest of her noodles loudly, she takes a moment to wipe her chin with a napkin, slowing turning to face you, a serious look appears on her face telling you that she’s about to get down to some sweet business. Clearing her throat, she says loudly, “Now friend! You may say to yourself, ‘Hive got nothing to contribute,’ but lemme tell you – I find that rather… Vexing.” Her eyes twinkle as realization spreads across your face.
“Yes, surely, my friend… you haven’t Fallen… we can gitchya’ all the help you need!”
You instinctively groan loudly, laughing inwardly at the same time. Others around you, having overheard, are also in the mists of groans and facepalms. 
With glee, the Hunter jumps up on the Ramen bar, her bright cape catching the suns’ rays, sparkling vibrantly. “Oh, yes, friends! We at Currently Online would like to invite anyone interested to come join our clan! We’re more than just friends, we’re a family. So come one, Cabal! Join the finest clan around After all..” she looks you in the eyes, a wicked smile spreads across her face.
You feel the hairs on the back of your neck rise, you can feel it coming, and she loudly proclaims…
“It is your Destiny.”
Groans erupt across the bar and out into the plaza, as you feel yourself laughing – she hands you a sign up sheet with a wink.


We’re a fun group of relaxed gamers who enjoy playing Destiny together. We raid and complete other various fun activities. We’re currently allied with the clan(s) listed on the pages, so you may see them wondering around our Discord, joining our raids, and even participating in other events. We welcome anyone with a good attitude and a fun spirit. We strive to have fun, and expect everyone to follow [CO] rules and treat all with respect.