Currently Online is a unique organization founded by gamers, for gamers, and our success as a community can be directly attributed to our welcoming, positive attitude. Founded in 2013, Currently Online started off as a small group of friends and has since blossomed into the largest World of Warcraft guild in the world. At Currently Online, you’re invited to browse our game offerings, participate in numerous social events, and apply to our multitude of teams. There’s always something to explore! Come dip your toe into the water and check out what Currently Online has to offer.


During your time within Currently Online, you are certain to meet new players and create lasting friendships. Our mission has always been to foster a community of players who engage one another on their own terms and who enjoy the content they want, when they want, how they want. Currently Online maintains a calendar filled with activity, and our unique environment provides players with opportunities to get involved and to create lasting memories with friends new and old!


Oftentimes players will find themselves feeling burned out or bored with a game. World of Warcraft is no exception to this; in fact, a lot of players go through gaming cycles of high intensity, waning interest, taking breaks, and then coming back with fresh enthusiasm. We’ve crunched the numbers, and we’ve found that our members are less likely to take these breaks. Currently Online keeps members connected by offering a diverse community with a large base of games that includes dozens of the most popular titles. Our players stay engaged, and their gameplay and level of enjoyment remains consistent. Don’t get caught in a cycle. Elevate your gaming experience by joining the best community today!